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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy offers the opportunity to tackle difficult and confusing experiences in a safe and confidential space. The goals and topics of therapy range from addressing symptoms of disorders such as depression and anxiety, to tackling relationship concerns and professional struggles, exploring the past and understanding one’s history, or sorting through issues around one's sexuality or gender.

We strive to collaborate with our patients on setting and refining treatment goals. No matter the issue, therapy can help to facilitate the development of resources to cope with life’s disappointments, transitions, and joys, all with the aim of enhancing positive experiences and diminishing painful ones.


Psychoanalysis is a treatment that is well suited for those who have struggled to make sense of themselves and their lives, or who have sought other kinds of therapy and found it lacking in depth or effectiveness. It is a form of psychotherapy based on the idea that the problems people face, specifically in the areas of relationships and personal productivity/creativity, usually stem from internal struggles that are outside of one’s awareness.

Psychoanalytic treatment is a rigorous approach that involves several weekly sessions, and encourages patients to free associate, touching upon events in their daily lives, fantasies, and dreams. Many people have reported that their lives and their understanding of themselves change dramatically after psychoanalytic treatments. Prominent artists and intellectuals have credited psychoanalytic treatment with their success in both related and unrelated fields. In order to practice psychoanalysis, a psychoanalyst must undergo years of training and consultation in addition to attaining their professional degrees.

Couples & Family Therapy

Relationships can be fulfilling and rewarding while also overwhelming and challenging. We have experience working with single parents, adoptive parents, divorced parents, legal guardians, and respect the unique qualities and structure of every family. We provide couples and family therapy that can address a range of difficulties in the areas of communication, intimacy, trust, and role confusion. Whether you are dealing with issues around emotional connection, unproductive fighting, sexual functioning, finances, parenting, or infidelity, we offer a safe and confidential space in which to tackle some of the challenges that many experience in the course of their relationships with romantic partners, parents, children, and other loved ones.

We also offer support for couples and families facing life transitions such as (re)marriage, parenthood, and professional development. We welcome work with individuals who are involved in different relational configurations (e.g. monogamy, polyamory) as well as those who have a range of sexual orientations, interests and practices. We tailor the therapy to each couple or family and our work is informed by Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples, the Gottman method, family systems, and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Adolescent Therapy

Adolescence is a complex time for both teens and their parents. The central task for an adolescent is to balance the growing desire for independence with the need for parental and familial support. This can be a catalyst for many difficulties in the family, particularly in the relationship between adolescents and their parents. Conflicts and stress around academic performance, body image, peer dynamics, romantic relationships, sexuality, and substance use are just some of the struggles faced by teenagers and their families.

Our aim is to provide the adolescent patient a safe and confidential space in which to work through these confusing and exciting concerns and to develop the necessary coping strategies. We emphasize parent guidance and support during this tumultuous and fraught developmental phase, either alone or in conjunction with adolescent psychotherapy.

Personality Disorders Treatment

We offer treatment for personality disorders, including borderline personality disorder (BPD), narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), and other difficulties with identity diffusion, tumultuous relationships, emotion regulation, and self-destructive behaviors.

We offer Transference Focused Psychotherapy and facilitate referrals to ancillary treatments, such as specialized psychiatrists, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills groups, and family or couples therapy. When treating personality disorders, we particularly value creating a comprehensive treatment plan that allows patients to feel contained and supported as they work through some of the more challenging and painful aspects of existing in the world.

Sexuality & Gender Focus

We offer expertise in working with individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ and provide an affirming space in which individuals can explore the multiple aspects of their sexual and gender identities as well as how how these intersect with other facets of their experience.

Remaining attuned to and aware of the nuances and complexities of these issues, we help patients to grapple with, make meaning of, express, and embody their sense of self as they negotiate their identities and relationships to others. In particular, we seek to provide a healing and creative space for individuals who identify as transgender, genderqueer or gender nonconforming, and welcome involvement with patients seeking to pursue gender confirming interventions.

Trauma Treatment

We offer expertise in a range of trauma-focused modalities and work with patients who have remote and recent histories of traumatic experiences, such as emotional abuse, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, physical assault, domestic violence, war, and natural disaster. We have particular interest and rich experience in working with those who have faced trauma due to involvement with fundamentalist religious groups and other closed communities. When working with trauma, we draw upon insights and techniques from evidenced based methods (such as Prolonged Exposure) and the insights about trauma and recovery from psychoanalytic and humanistic therapy traditions.

Remote Therapy

We offer remote psychotherapy on a case by case basis. We have found that this can be the best option for individuals who are living and working abroad as well as for patients who are often traveling for work. This is a way to assure continuity of treatment as well as offer treatment to those who live abroad and do not have access to care. We have worked with individuals working in the humanitarian and development sectors and understand their particular stressors and needs.

Teaching & Supervision

Dr. Cherkasskaya and Dr. Malitzky have experience as supervisors, consultants and educators in a variety of settings. They are available for ongoing clinical supervision and consultation, as well as educational programming for clinicians and the community.